International Student Peer Mentor

International Student Peer Mentor

Pradiip provided cultural, social, and educational activities to 120 students from Asia, Canada, Mexico, and South America while they took an intensive course in service leadership, intercultural communication, or hospitality management. He served as a resource to students and helped orient them to campus and to life in the US. In addition, he shared cultural information about student life and living in the US. 


26 April 2016



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Pradiip Alvarez is an Astrophysicist, Youth Leader and Social Entrepreneur. He has served as Latin American Director of The Orbital Perspective, Science Contributor at IQ Latino, World Humanitarian Summit Project Assistant at the United Nations, Co-Founder of the Ebola Challenge and VenSA at FSU, International Student Peer Mentor, Master of Ceremonies ofTEDxFSU and President of InternatioNole. 




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