NASA Keynote Speech

NASA Keynote Speech

Pradiip was invited to be the keynote speaker at NASA’s 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at Kennedy Space Center. He received an award for his speech “The Power of Global Collaboration - How diversity is shaping our future on and off the planet.” The event was hosted by NASA’s Hispanic Outreach and Leadership Alliance (HOLA).

“The two days that I spent at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) were incredible! The keynote speech went really well. The conference room was almost completely full. The talk lasted about 45 minutes and it was focused on my personal story and a summary of successful examples of global collaboration (such as the International Space Station and CERN), highlighting the importance of diversity for humanity's success on and off the planet. Overall, it was definitely two of the most special days of my life.”


11 September 2015



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Pradiip Alvarez is an Astrophysicist, Youth Leader and Social Entrepreneur. He has served as Latin American Director of The Orbital Perspective, Science Contributor at IQ Latino, World Humanitarian Summit Project Assistant at the United Nations, Co-Founder of the Ebola Challenge and VenSA at FSU, International Student Peer Mentor, Master of Ceremonies ofTEDxFSU and President of InternatioNole. 




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